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  2. www.imdb.com - Petla (1958) - Full cast and crew - ... Kostek (taxi driver) (uncredited). Jan Machulski.
  3. ubicabs.com - Book London taxi, Cheap Cab quote, Airport Taxis, online cabs UK > ubiCabs - Taxi App. Get taxis from your smartphone. Free on iPhone & Android.
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  5. www.puffgames.com - Play Sim Taxi 4 Game Free Online - Sim Taxi 4. The main objective of the game is to look for passengers and deliver them to their destinations as quickly as possible without damaging your car. A phone operator will help you locate customers.
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  16. www.youtube.com - Kostek Pawdwolk - YouTube - FREE Download: http://snd.sc/rLVFwt. Share on Facebook.
  17. www.airport-transfer-prague.eu - Airport Transfer Prague & Prague taxi - You can read more about the transfer policy. FREE MAP OF PRAGUE Ask Your driver if You need free map of Prague with printed guide.
  18. comfibook.com - Comfibook: Call Brian Kostek with ComfiBook. The leader in online telephone number search. - Kosteczka, Zosia - Kostel, Rich | LinkedIn Brian Kostek Carol Kostek Chelsea Kostek Dave Kostek Diane Kostek Dorothy Kostek Ed Kostek.
  19. www.mappingyourfuture.org - Budget calculator - Transportation ExpensesTransportation Expenses Includes car payment, gas, repairs, license, insurance, bus or taxi fare.
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